Touch screen:Product modelProduct modelProduct modelProduct model:CF802Screen: 8"1280x768  pixelsTouch screen:Touch PanelSystem:Andriod CPU:Y10   Quad-core Cortex-A7

  • Model: PG802
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Resolving power: 1280(W)×768(H)pixels
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh Lithium polymer battery


Product description

8 inch real HD touch screen real scintigraphy

True high-definition touch screen, more comfortable vision, sensitive touch, smooth system, excellent experience for your baby and family.

Dual microphone jack La OK.

Let the baby love talk, sing; train the baby a sense of rhythm and intonation, stimulates baby's desire to perform.

Learning fun and fun to enlighten early education

Let the baby fall in love with exploration and learning from childhood

8G large space to store playthings without burdens

The massive early education contents into the TF card, see what you see what love baby

Fine sound knows to please the ears of a baby

Fine sound, more pleasing to the ear. This product adopts a scientific and reasonable decibel, it will not cause any harm to the baby's ears, so the parents can use it safely.

Product information

Product model:PG802
CPU: C200S
Screen:8 inch 1280x768
Flash:SPI 8M
DDR1: 16M*16bit
Loudspeaker: 4 European 3W *1
Microphone: support the k song
Battery:4000mAh lithium polymer battery
Audio-visual format: MP3, WMA, ACC, etc.
Video format:MP4, AVI, RMVB, etc.
Picture format:JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.
External memory card:TF Card
Key: mechanical key X20

 MicroUSB power supply and connection PC

MicroUSB power supply and connection PC

The USB-A interface connects the U disk

Microphone input x2

Micro SD connection TF Card


Power input: 5V/1.0A
Product size: 275x257.9x88.79mm
Product weight: About 900g
Product accessories

Product accessories X1 PCs

Data line X1 PCs

Microphone X1 PCs